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Vent Installation

Southern Trailer Sanitizing VanSouthern Trailer Sanitizing saves you time and money on your seasonal produce shipments with our non-refrigerated transport vent installation. Take on more jobs and haul more by having a vent installed in your van or standard trailer.

In Florida, since the weather is so temperate from November through May, refrigeration is not needed for transport of produce, such as corn, watermelons, and peppers. Southern Trailer Sanitizing installs adjustable vents into the front and rear panels of your non-refrigerated trailer or cargo vehicle.

These vents allow the natural cool air to flow through the container during transport, providing an economical shipping option. This not only reduces the weight of the transport, as reefer systems alone can weigh upwards of 4-5,000 lbs, it allows you to increase your haul, provides you greater flexibility in available transport vehicles, and even saves you money on the electrical cost of the refrigeration itself.

This economical solution doesn’t impact your ability to haul other items, as the vents can easily be closed at any time. Our vent installation can be done during our trailer washout service and cold chain compliance process, so you can feel confident in your ability to take on a job even if you don’t have any refrigerated or vented trailers currently available. Vents are a great addition to your trailer for not only temperature maintenance, but also for reducing lingering unpleasant odors.

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Southern Trailer Sanitizing LogoSouthern Trailer Sanitizing is your source for refrigerated trailer vent installation! We save you time & money, allowing you to take on bigger loads with greater flexibility. We have vents in-stock, ready to install at a moment’s notice, so say yes to that big job and call us now for your custom vent installation!

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