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Reefer Chute Repair & Replacement

Reefer Chute RepairSouthern Trailer Sanitizing provides reefer chute repair, replacement, and installation for your refrigerated trailers and shipments. Our goal is to ensure your shipments are safely delivered, and that your haul is cold chain compliant. Our proprietary process for FSMA & SFTA compliance includes an inspection of your reefer chute to ensure that cool air is freely flowing back to your perishable food, produce, medication, or other consumable that requires refrigeration.

If you know that you have a reefer chute in need of repair or replacement, or are looking for a full-service trailer sanitizing company that can handle any surprise that may come up, then Southern Trailer Sanitizing is the right partner for all of your FSMA, SFTA, and cold chain compliance needs.

Call Southern Trailer Sanitizing at (954) 347-2618 for your Reefer Chute Repair, Replacement, or Inspection!

Reefer Chute Options

Reefer Chute Pop-Up AdapterDepending on the level of damage and type of trailer, we provide several options for ensuring your reefer chute is in good working order. If there is only minor damage to your chute, we can provide fast repairs to keep you on the road. If your chute is in need of replacement, or you would like to install a new adapter for easier attachment such as a pop-up adapter or UniMax adapter, we can assist with that as well.

UniMax Reefer Chute Universal adapterFrom repairs to upgrades, Southern Trailer Sanitizing handles all of your reefer chute needs so you are confident you are delivering safe, properly stored foods while protecting your business from the negative impacts of a spoiled or contaminated delivery. We look forward to providing full-service trailer washout and cold chain compliance for all of your refrigerated shipments!

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Southern Trailer Sanitizing LogoSouthern Trailer Sanitizing is your South Florida resource for Reefer Chute inspection, repair, replacement, and installation. We make sure your load stays cool, providing the high-quality services you need without delay. We look forward to becoming your partner for all of your cold chain compliance and trailer washout needs.

Call Southern Trailer Sanitizing at (954) 347-2618 for your Reefer Chute Repair, Replacement, or Inspection!