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Cold Chain Compliance

Maintaining a suitably cold environment for food and pharmaceutical shipments is vital to ensuring the products are safe for human or animal consumption. Any failure to maintain the cold chain for temperature sensitive products could result in products being recalled, withdrawn, or even contaminated, representing a potentially huge loss for your business. Cold chain compliance is crucial for not only protecting the quality of the goods you deliver, but also for protecting your business from potential negative impacts.

Southern Trailer Sanitizing VanSouthern Trailer Sanitizing reduces the risk of cross-contamination and ensures you are cold chain compliant with their trailer washout, sanitization, and reporting process. Every washout we perform includes a “certified cold-chain pre-trip inspection” which includes a swab test for contaminants within the trailer, and complete documentation of the cleaning, maintenance, and testing procedures, meeting the legal guidelines for proof of compliance with FSMA and SFTA regulations

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Our Sanitization Process

cold chain compliant trailer washoutAt Southern Trailer Sanitizing we follow a strict process for each trailer washout we do, allowing you to meet the reporting guidelines for cold chain compliance. Our 10 point checklist covers all of the items required for compliance, from visual inspection and minor repairs to reefer system through complete wash out, sanitization, testing, reporting, and numbered seal placement on the closed rear doors to certify the process has been completed and that the load has not been tampered with.

Southern Trailer Sanitizing is your South Florida source for reliable truck washout and sanitizing services, with mobile service available up to 50 miles from our Belle Glade, FL facility. If you would like to schedule remote or on-site washouts for your fleet, contact us today at (954) 347-2618!

Cold Chain Report

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Southern Trailer Sanitizing LogoSouthern Trailer Sanitizing ensures your produce or refrigerated goods are transported in a clean, sterile, and properly refrigerated trailer. This not only reduces your liability and ensures you are compliant with the Food Safety Modernization Act, it also ensures you are providing a safe product that will keep your vendors and distributors coming back for more.

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