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South Florida Truck & Trailer Washout & Sanitizing

Providing the sanitizing, repairs, testing, & documentation you need to keep your refrigerated shipments SFTA, FSMA, & Cold Chain compliant and safe for consumption!

Southern Trailer Sanitizing

Southern Trailer Sanitizing provides complete truck & trailer washout, sanitizing, inspection, and reporting services for shippers, receivers, loaders, and carriers of human and animal food. We are more than a commercial truck wash. We help you deliver safe food products and refrigerated goods, in compliance with FSMA and SFTA guidelines.

Our trained, certified, and experienced staff understands that your load is your livelihood, and you can’t expect just any semi truck wash to keep you legally compliant. We get your truck cleaner so you can deliver safely-stored food products that reflect the high standards of both your organization and ours.

Not Local? No Problem! While we provide complete semi trailer washout services at our Belle Glade, Florida facility, we also provide mobile truck wash service up to 50 miles away. We come to you, bringing everything we need to provide you with complete washout, sanitizing, repair, and inspection service for your entire fleet of trailers or tankers.

Call Southern Trailer Sanitizing today at (954) 347-2618 to schedule your Full-Service Trailer Washout!

Food Trailer Washout & Truck Washout Requirements

Trailer Sanitizing and Washout ServicesThe Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Sanitary Food Transportation Act (SFTA) requires food to be protected from contamination during transport and cold chain compliant. Southern Trailer Sanitizing ensures your trucks are compliant with all FSMA and SFTA regulations, including proper cleaning, food safety washouts, and sanitizing of food service trailers, repairs or replacement to ventilation or reefer chutes, swab testing, and documentation to prove that you have followed all necessary steps for proper food storage and transportation.

If we find issues with your drains, seals, chute, bulkhead, or ventilation systems during the food or produce trailer washout process, we can provide repair or replacement services and carry many common items in-stock to keep you on the move.

Our truck washout services are ideal for shippers, receivers, loaders, and carriers. Regardless of where you are in the cold chain, we ensure you are compliant.

Trailer Sanitizing Process

Southern Trailer Sanitizing provides our clients with full-service trailer washout and sanitization, ensuring you are delivering safe product in a legally compliant way. We handle everything, from the initial inspection of your trailer, reefer chutes, and drains, through rear door sealing. We provide you with proper documentation to prove compliance with FSMA and SFTA regulations. We provide trailer cleaning services at your location or ours, allowing us to be the only supplier you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Step 1: Visual Inspection of Trailer & Reefer

Visual Inspection of Reefer TrailerWe provide a complete visual inspection of your trailer and reefer units. This inspection includes ensuring:

  • No excess debris or major damage to the trailer
  • No evidence of pests, mold, or bad odors
  • Proper temperature regulation of refrigerated units
  • Reefer chute is working properly
  • Floor drains are closed

If we find anything during our inspection, we will immediately alert you, and can often provide options for remediation. Our expert staff can provide repair and replacement services to ventilation systems and reefer chutes. Our goal is to help you provide a safe, on-time delivery!

Step 2: Trailer Sweep

Trailer SweepOnce we have done a visual assessment of your trailer, we begin the cleaning process. We begin by using a specially made grooved broom that allows us to remove foreign debris that may have been left behind from other shipments, such as pallet straps, wood particles, food, or any other shipping waste. While this seems like a simple process, our unique tools and process gets the job done fast and easy, getting you back on the road sooner.

Step 3: Trailer Wash

Sanitizing Trailer WashoutSouthern Trailer Sanitizing prides ourselves on doing a thorough job for you, and our trailer washout service is no exception! All washouts are performed by certified Cold Chain personnel, using clean, PH balanced water. Our washing includes the interior walls, floor, and doors. We verify that everything is properly cleaned, including removal of any spills, gunk, or other debris that may harbor bacteria or contaminate your haul.

Step 4: Trailer Sanitizing

Trailer Sanitizing and Washout ServicesOnce your trailer is completely cleaned, washed, and free of any debris, we begin the trailer sanitization process. We apply a food-safe sanitizer that is designed to reduce and inhibit potentially harmful bacteria growth and reduce the risk of salmonella, e-coli, and listeria.

Proper sanitizing is a crucial step in reducing the risk of cross-contamination, and is now required under SFTA regulations. Our staff provides safe application in appropriate gear to ensure we aren’t introducing any new contaminants.

Step 5: Verification & Testing

Trailer washout inspectionWe not only say that your trailer is clean and ready to go, we prove it!

We provide trailer load inspections that are tailored to your business needs, including ATP monitoring and testing utilizing a fast-read swab test. The ATP test measures the level of actively growing microorganisms within your trailer.

We ensure that your levels are acceptable (under 30), and will double check for accuracy or provide a respray or additional cleaning, if needed.

Step 6: Seal & Report

Cold Chain ReportAfter we are certain that your trailer has been properly cleaned to FSMA & SFTA standards, we provide the driver with a copy of our Cold Chain Report, as well as keep it on file for our records. We also provide an electronic version of the report, swabbing, and seal to the consignee and the shipper. Reports should be kept by all parties for a minimum of 12 months to ensure compliance with any local or national regulations.

Once we have ensured that the trailer is properly cleaned, all paperwork has been completed and provided to the applicable parties, we then close the rear doors and install a numbered seal for quality control and tracking purposes.

Additional Services

Southern Trailer Sanitizing not only provides full-service trailer washout and sanitization, we assist with minor maintenance and repairs to help keep you on the road.

Reefer Chute Repair, Replacement, & Installation

Reefer Chute RepairA properly working reefer chute is vital to ensuring that correct temps are being held throughout the refrigerated trailer. Southern Trailer Sanitizing provides complete reefer chute repair and replacement services. In addition to standard chutes and adapters, we also provide pop-up adapters which virtually eliminate damage to the air chute header during loading, and the Unimax adapter, which is designed to fit any refrigeration unit.

If we find damage during our inspection, we provide immediate reefer chute repair or replacement so you don’t lose any time on the road.

Vent Installation

Southern Trailer Sanitizing allows you to take on more jobs and haul more with non-refrigerated trailer vent installation! Our fast and easy vent installation means that you have more flexibility for transporting produce such as corn, peppers, and watermelons, allowing you to utilize a non-refrigerated transport vehicle. Since non-refrigerated trailers are much lighter than reefer trailers, you can increase your produce load by up to 5,000 lbs.

These are a great option for those looking to maximize their produce shipments or those who want to take on produce loads but don’t have a refrigerated vehicle available. We have vents in-stock and can install them during our washout and sanitizing procedures.

Experienced Industry Professionals

ATP testing for safe food transportAs veterans in the field, the team at Southern Trailer Sanitizing understands logistics and food safety, allowing us to provide you with complete food truck sanitizing services to keep your products safe and your business legally compliant. We have an on-site Food Safety Specialist with over 30 years of food safety experience and multiple related certifications, allowing us to provide sound advice and ensure compliance with the most up-to-date regulations.

Our services are focused on reducing the risk of cross-contamination and lowering the possibility of e-coli, salmonella, listeria, and other pathogens, allowing you to deliver a food product that is fresh and bacteria-free.

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At Southern Trailer Sanitizing, are committed to keeping you cold chain compliant with our professional, expert trailer washout and sanitizing services. We ensure your trailer is working properly and thoroughly cleaned & sanitized so you can be confident you are delivering contaminate & bacteria-free food products.

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